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KIRJUTAJA: Marika Mann
ISBN: 9789949219797
Faili suurus: 7,72


Marketing literature has proven to be very successful in the world´s largest eco-tourism trade show, British Birdfair, as well as other sales activities in Europe. This is by far the best advocacy publication about nature values and conservation in Estonia. The book focuses on the species and habitats that are disappearing or absent elsewhere in Europe. That kind of approach - Why Estonia? - helps Estonians to distinguish themselves from other countries in Europe setting out the the reasons why nature-lovers from around the world should definitely visit Estonia. Although the title is intriguing, the content is fully relevant.This beautifully designed book is also appropriate as a gift for foreign visitors.

... closest ethnic and linguistic buddy is Finland, though 50 years of Soviet rule in Estonia have separated the two ... Bohemian Forest - Wilderness in the Heart of Europe - The ... ... . It goes without saying that the heart of a nation is, in almost all the cases, best represented by its capital. It does not come as a surprise, then, that the core of Estonia - the place par excellence where things happen first in the field of digital development - is a smart city like Tallinn.The concept of intelligent city, though, can come off as a bit of a tricky one, and not at all ... Ancient woodl ... Facts about Estonia ... .The concept of intelligent city, though, can come off as a bit of a tricky one, and not at all ... Ancient woodlands. In ancient forests and woodlands you can closely observe the circle of life when nature is left to its own devices. Barely marked by any human activity, Järvselja ancient forest in southern Estonia is a home to species of owl and a gracefully aged 360-year-old Kuningamänd pine tree. Poruni hiking trail in northern Estonia winds along the 10-metre banks of Poruni river. The photos are entries to the European Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition and are among a field of almost 12,500 entries by photographers from 27 countries, The Daily Mail reported. The winning image, titled «Stargazer», is a night shot of white-tailed deer in winter at their feeding place in Finland by Tommy Vikars. In Estonia, the structure of the education system provides opportunities for everyone to move from one level of education to the next. Levels of education comprise preschool education (ISCED level 0), basic education (ISCED levels 1 and 2), upper secondary education (ISCED level 3) and higher education (ISCED levels 6, 7 and 8)....