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ISBN: 9789949506590
Faili suurus: 3,27


CD-del on I Love English 6 õpiku, töövihiku ja kontrolltööde kuulamistekstid. Rütmisalme, dialooge ja teisi tekste esitavad briti inglise keelt emakeelena kõnelevad lapsed ja täiskasvanud.

...e détente aux élèves et aux enseignants ... I Love English günstig kaufen | eBay ... . Ces méthodes ont été testées et approuvées par des professeurs des écoles et elles s'appuient largement sur l ... Advanced version with more fancy features will come soon, hope you will fall in love with it again! The following resources are provided now: 1. VOA Special English 2. VOA Standard English 3. BBC Learning English 4. Take Away English 5. Media English 6. Authentic Real English 7. OMG English (V ... I Love English 6 CD - Apollo ... . Authentic Real English 7. OMG English (Video) 8. New Concept English 9. CET-4, CET6 10. Hele Must, magistrikraad, 2018, (juh) Liljana Skopinskaja; Rita Anita Forssten, Idioms in EFL Teaching at Primary School Level: Selection, Teaching, and Acquisition based on the "I Love English" Series (Idioomide õpetamine võõrkeeles põhikooli tasandil: valik, õpetamine ja omandamine "I Love English" õpikuseeria põhjal), Tallinna Ülikool, Humanitaarteaduste instituut. The missing disc(s) - Unlike the original complete series set, this one doesn't contain the exclusive bonus disc with the colorized Lucy Goes to Scotland episode or the I Love Lucy movie (along with several other special features). I love English kids The fun way to improve your English!Magazine and CD.For 9-11 y-old. I Love English Kids is the magazine for 9-13 year olds who want to have fun while they learn English! This review will help them get started in English. 5. Let's Get Loud - Upbeat, sassy, highly dancable, I love it! 6. Could This Be Love - Another slow-paced one; prefer this to Should've Never 7/13. No Me Ames (two versions) - An interesting duet. The voices complement each other very well. 8/14. Waiting For Tonight/Una Noche Mas - My favorites. GREAT, entertaining dancepop. Wish she'd done ... Start studying I Love English 6 Unit 11. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools....