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KIRJUTAJA: Aino Pervik
ISBN: 9789949274154
Faili suurus: 9,64


Ühel päeval valiti meie raamatu peategelane terve riigi presidendiks. Ega ta nii väga ei rõõmustanudki oma uue ameti üle. Presidenditöö on teadagi väga ränk. Mitte keegi ei ole kunagi rahul sellega, mida president teeb. Pealegi pidi ta nüüd oma kodunt presidendilossi kolima. Kuid parata polnud midagi. Aino Perviku "Presidendilugude" pildid on joonistanud Piret Raud.

... Day. by: Rémy Robert. February 16, 2015 ... Presidendilood - Apollo ... . 19 Comments 19 Comments Since we published this post last year, Barack Obama got a little too friendly with the food at a Chipotle and Bill Clinton went from the most famous vegan to possibly cheating on his diet at times. Favorite foods are forever, so this ... What people eat often says something about the experiences and values that shaped them, and how they find strength, energy, and solace.So it should come as no surprise there's ... Presidendilood | ERR | Digihoidla ... .So it should come as no surprise there's a vast cornucopia of information about the foods enjoyed by U.S. presidents — some of whom were quite frugal; it's not all state dinners and $10,000-a-plate fundraisers.To prevent food-data indigestion, we've come up ... The president adhered to a military punctuality at mealtime...Mealtimes with the family were especially happy occasions...when the Grants were truly alone, the President loved to frolic with his children, and the dinner hour often became play time...It was the President's habit to roll his bread into tiny balls and shoot the balls as ammunition ......